NPoL in NYC this September 2018!

Find NPoL in Printed Matter’s New York Art Book Fair at MoMA PS1 this September 20-23, and in New Latin Wave Festival this September 30 at Brooklyn Bazaar!

Copies of  Al camello camello y al amor amor will be available in these locations!

Our publication will also be available in Printed Matter‘s store location in Chelsea.

NLWF eventNYABF event




Copies are also available to purchase online.

Please write for more information.


Writing contributors:

Joshua Simon and Dionisio Varela

Artists included:

Paulina y Lebrun (Paulina Álvarez & Andrés Lebrun), Marina Berio, Ally Caple, Stephanie Colgan, Catalina Fernández, Sergio Galvis, Efrat Hakimi, Markéta Magidová, Crisia Miroiu, Ginacarlo Montes, Darío Ramírez, Mind the Heart! (Maya Gelfman & Roie Avidan), Paola A. Tafur, Alicja Rogalska (in collaboration with Łukasz Surowiec), Patricia Silva, Nechama Winston, Mira Dayal, Hugo Díez, Beth Harris, Duy Hoàng, Jeff Lassahn, María Cristina Sánchez, Maria Juliana Soto, Joe Turpin, Abby Walsh, Sharon Webber-Zvik, La Isla en Vela, Ramón Lineros, Topp & Dubio, Michael Poetschko, Marija Markovic, Workers Art Coalition, Christian Nicolay, Alfredo Esparza, and Manuel Correa.

Curated / Edited by Cristina Velásquez


This publication corresponds with the Al camello camello y al amor amor exhibition (see more here and here).

Also see here for the featured editorial by Juana Álvarez Jaramillo.









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