New Poetics of Labor

New Poetics of Labor / Nuevas Poéticas del Trabajo
2-channel HD video
Full length: 11 minutes


New Poetics of Labor’s 2-channel video documents a performance with local workers in front of a convenient store on an industrial block. Beginning with the phrase, “Pare la escoba y parchemos con una pola…,” members of the community were invited to sit with NPoL and have a beer in the middle of the workday, and were asked to stop and answer questions about their daily routines of labor. One result of this pause and reflection was the final collection of 30 used brooms that belonged to the workers. This was not only an act of intervention by the artists, but a moment in time where the community displayed an unusual amount of generosity, openness and warmth as they shared details about their daily lives and state of happiness and fulfillment.


Trailer below:


See more here and here.










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