Markéta Magidová


Image: From Tertium non datur, in Výstava, FAIT Gallery, Brno, 2016. This installation was created from pictures, objects and ready-mades named or metaphorically called “the third.“ The works explored the notions of otherness and true-false thinking through awkward collection, translated from language to visuality. (See more here.)


Introducing Markéta Magidová (b. 1984, Prague; lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic), one of the artists participating in New Poetics of Labor 2018.

Magidová is an intermedia artist who mostly uses photography, video, installation and text. She observes movements of minds and bodies in a predetermined social, political and economic grid. The artist is focused on themes of inequality, abnormality and asymmetry of human relationships and living environment. Stressful and unusual situations or places (terrorist attacks, migration, job application procedures, failed expectations, etc.) are often present in the corpus of her works.  Subjective thoughts stand in opposition to traditional representations, objective rules or codified habits. 

She coped with the theme of work in her recent projects such as Typos and Stumbless (2015), in which she emphasized the function of electronic communication in a corporate system, mistakes made during job interviews and the role of women in international companies. In Turbid Photosynthesis (2017), Magidová  explored the other site of effectivity – tiredness, blurred vision and a lack of light to  grow.  

The series Work Instability (2018) deals with the phenomenon of unsecured working conditions in many fields – from manual workers to academic employees, artists or freelancers. Required quantity, efficiency, speed and punctuality is usually not balanced with adequate financial means, social and health security. Overworking is blurred with unemployment, personal time with working hours. All over the world we can see foreign workers with no health insurance, young scientists with no financial perspective, start-up entrepreneurs with high loans, mothers working from home while holding a child in one arm, artists employed in different areas in order to get enough money for their rent and food, stressful or dangerous working environments, work discrimination due to nationality, gender or race.  The photographs in Work Instability present fragments of those working conditions. Unstable ground makes any activity more difficult. Pictures are in motion; static parts contradict unexpected movements, speed struggles with possibilities of a frame.  


marketa_magidova_1 (1)
photographs from Work Instability series, 2018, courtesy of the artist.


marketa_magidova_43 (1)


marketa_magidova_2b (1)



Asimilation, 2017 video Installation, living plant, plexiglass.

Asimilation bears two meanings — sociological, when minority adapts to the majority culture, and scientific, when basic elements are changed to living processes (such as photosynthesis). See more here.



From Zero Minute Warning, 2017. The exhibition Zero Minute Warning at CEAAC reflected spreading fear amongst European citizens of distant, unknown enemies, despite often seen in everyday lives. Protection and security are mixed with aggression and attack. See more here


Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 11.38.18 AM
From Soft Target, 2017. Soft Target revealed the growing logic of a target and a victim in the contemporary society, penetrating everyday lives. Vulnerability and tenderness is mixed with symbols of pain, hatred and attack or unknown unspecified “dark matter”. See more here






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