Duy Hoàng

Image:  Installation view of The Progress of The Race, 2018 , Inkjet print, pins, foam, wood, paracord, 141 x 117 x 59 in  (358 x 297 x 150 cm). See more here.


Introducing Duy Hoàng (b. 1989, Vietnam; lives and works in NYC), one of the artists participating in New Poetics of Labor 2018.


Artist statement:

“How do we pay attention?

To our surroundings?

To ourselves?

How do we utilize our senses?

How are we at this moment?

Moment before?

Moment after?

Moments altogether?

How are we to one another?

How are we together?

How are we alone?

How do we make decisions?

How do we question?

How do we connect?

As an immigrant from Vietnam in the U.S. at adolescence, the transitional moment triggers the necessity for intensive observation and awareness. They define the connections, or lack thereof, from myself to the foreign environments, as well as the places I left behind. My work focuses on the links between the mundanes and the phenomena, between the potential of growth and the inevitability of decay, and how one locates within these spectrums.”


Shining Afternoons
Shining Afternoons, 2017, Mixed media, plants, tarp, dirt, wood, silkscreen on paper, monitor, video camera, 288 x 156 x 210 in  (732 x 396 x 533 cm). See more here


Dolina, 2013, Mixed media, fabric, wood, plant, 154 x 473 x 153 in  (391 x 1201 x 389 cm). See more here


Hospice Studies.png
Hospice Studies, 2017 Mixed media, wood, rocks, ink on paper, pins, tape. Dimensions variable. 



Hoàng has upcoming residencies at Studios at MASS MoCA (North Adams, Massachusetts) and Rabbit Island Residency (Rabbit Island, Torch Lake Township, Michigan).

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