Manuel Correa

Image:  Film still from #Artoffline, 60 minutes, 2015.


Introducing Manuel Correa (b. Medellín, Colombia; lives and works in Bogotá) one of the artists participating in New Poetics of Labor 2018.


Manuel Correa and Emil Olsen founded Atelier Bolombolo in 2013, a film production company and artist collective working between Canada, Colombia and Norway. The name of the collective is inspired by “Fanfare in G major, in the country of Bolombolo (summer Odecilla),” a poem by Leon de Greiff, a Colombian poet of Scandinavian descent. For Greiff, in the land of Bolombolo, fantasy itself becomes violently exhausted by monotony.



Trailer for #Artoffline, 2015, which will premiere in NPoL’s first event in Teatro Lido on May 3!

What happens to art in the Internet Age? The philosophers, artists and exhibition makers in this documentary believe that endless reproduction liberates art from a muddled art market and an undemocratic exhibition circuit. Many wonder whether the urge for physical objects is really just a nostalgic fetishism. In contemporary times, taking selfies is part of the experience of visiting a museum. Digital technology has completely transformed the experience of art. #Artoffline lets viewers decide what they think is good. But are we losing something if and when physical artwork disappears?

“Among the key arguments in the film we find the claim that the Internet contributes to democratizing the arts: through the algorithms of “like” logic, it dissolves curatorial power and allows room for additional voices in the conversation.”

—  See more here in “A Democratic Project” an interview by Erlend Hammer for”

Also check out this article: “Alexander Galloway, “The Philosophical Origins of Digitality,” an interview for #Artoffline,” here.


See more about NPoL’s event here and here.



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