Stephanie Colgan

Image: Postpartum


Introducing Stephanie Colgan, lives and works in St. Paul, Minnesota, one of the artists participating in New Poetics of Labor 2018.

“The wonder and monotony of every day; the utter disappointment and joyful swells in a relationship; the precarious vacillation between intimacy and isolation. This multiplicity bubbles up in my creative work. Any kind of relationship has the potential to be both nourishing and agonizing. Human vulnerability and the simultaneous capacity for resilience fascinates me. I juxtapose and manipulate images. I make, and steal, and combine.

When observing with my camera or looking at found imagery, I watch for things that stand out incongruously: the sharp turn of a head, an awkward hand gesture, a fleeting pained expression, anything that might suggest some of the more complicated nuances of life. I photograph and print and rephotograph or scan. I interfere and distort. Distortions and per mutations result. My process echoes the myriad versions of stories that are recollected and passed on. Memory is unreliable. And pictures lie.” — Stephanie Colgan





Let the Baby






Ignite the Canon


Goya’s Women Drown

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