Darío Fernando Ramírez Segura

From the series “Dollors.” Made from USD.


Introducing Darío Fernando Ramírez Segura  (b. 1965 in Tunja, Colombia; lives and works in Bogotá, Colombia), one of the artists participating in New Poetics of Labor 2018.


“Altering, modifying and stopping the monetary circulation allows me to poetize, reflect, indicate, ironize and make visible several aspects about the relationships of money with the economy, the valuation and the ideological circuit it represents, as well as demonstrating the value and faith we have about them.

Thus, when the money is disturbed, it changes and affects its circulation, its faith, its illusion and the primary circulation for which it was made, allowing insertion into the art circuit, where the transformed pieces can even reach a higher value, not only monetary, but symbolic, metaphorical and analogical.

This change of circulation and alteration allows a reflection on the supports in which works of art are constructed, their cost, dynamization, speculation and intervention in an icon, sign or symbol that represents the sacredness of consumption, capital and reasoning of contemporary man, which gives a value to money greater than the one that represents its role, among other aspects.” – Darío Ramiréz


Placebos, memoria y olvido


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